The latest sentence of one year in prison against Islam El Behery, a young Egyptian researcher who had been actively preaching religious enlightenment, had sent a strong message that the religious establishment AlAzhar in spite of President El-Sissi calls for renewing religious discourse is in full control of the judicial system Egypt.
Muslim Jurists in Egypt have been pushing Egyptians to live by the rules of the archaic time and to follow the antiquated books of heritage (Al-Bukhari) written 1200 years ago after the Prophet Mohamed ‘s death (PBUH).
The world around us reached the moon and explored different Zodiacs in the universe while jurists in Egypt are still wondering if the earth is round and if it revolves around the sun.
The mandatory study of the antiquated books of Hadeeth imposed on the young generations in Egypt has been the root cause to all extremists and fundamentals we see now in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Nigeria.
They are committing atrocity with a strong belief that they are following the messages in the Hadeeth which calls for; All infidels must die and that includes anyone who skips the five times prayers. Punishments include burning alive. A son is allowed to marry his mother, but must cover his sex organ before engaging in sexual intercourse. A father can marry his daughter if she is mentally unstable. A husband is not obliged to nurse nor buy medicine to his ailing wife because a wife is only for sexual pleasure. The books, also, forbade the study of physics, philosophy and science in general. The Sharia allowed the capture of young girls as war gains, and to use them as sex slaves (just what Daesh is doing now). Jurists forbade art, music and singing. They placed the Hadeeth books above the Quran, and appointed themselves the enforcers of Sharia. They demanded that all girls and women be covered from head to toe, and be kept as servants to their husbands. They would enforce circumcision on all girls and women if given the chance etc..etc..
So fighting these ancient ideologies with tanks, guns, and 2 tons bombs would not get rid of them. We could succeed in killing some of the leaders, but the belief and the desire to sacrifice one’s life to become a martyr and ascend to heaven to be received by 70 virgins would need more that a war of weapons where many innocents people would lose their lives unnecessarily.
The West and some Gulf countries need to stand by Egypt in the war on terrorism. Saudi Arabia needs to stop supporting and spreading the Wahhabi’s ideologies. The whole world needs to unite and fight this dangerous religious influx before it attracts more and more of the lost young generations.
Egyptians are doing their best to recapture Islam from the extremists control in Al-Azhar. Fighting this religious cancer is fierce and would metastasize if we don’t stop it. Al-Azhar Jurists seemed to have gained control over the judicial establishment. Egypt needs world support in the war on religious extremists.