Disfiguring Iranian Women

It shocked me to read about Iranian young women disfigurement by the lunatic fanatics.

Who is that God that these demented creature believe in? The prophet Mohamed ordered men to treat women with compassion. But where does compassion come from when all Abrahamic religions confirmed the evil doing of Eve.

According to the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, it was Eve that angered God and caused the expulsion of Men from paradise.
Eve in Judaism dared God to explore the tree of knowledge. God feared her courage and ordered both Adam and Eve out of Paradise before she explores the tree of eternity. In Christianity, Eve was created from Adam’s rib to be his companion, and she succumbed to the serpent/evil’s temptation.

Islam followed the previous stories, except in islam, Eve tempted Adam to eat from the forbidden tree in paradise. God was angry with her and threw both them out of paradise.

So where would compassion towards women come from when the original mother of all women committed a sin and angered God. Who do we blame for the mistreatment of women? Do we blame God, the stories in the three holly books, or the teachings of all prophets?

If God ordered to treat women with compassion, why wasn’t he the first one to set the example?

Women are doomed. I don’t see a way out of this sinful box that religion has man made it for women. The problem is no longer an issue that involves men, women still believe of their sinful Abrahamic place.

I am not sure how or when women would ever erase the story of their “original” sin.