Crash Of Russian Airbus the latest attack on Egypt

The Arab Spring swept over the Middle East like a Tsunami causing havoc and destruction not only to people but to infrastructures. Many sovereign countries ceased to exist and were left wide open for terrorist invasion. All was done under the banner of Democracy, the kind designed only for Arab countries.

Phase one was accomplished with very little resistance from several Arab Suni countries, except for Egypt. Egyptians backed their military forces and managed to save their country from the so-called democracy and quickly realised that the Arab Spring was nothing but the beginning of a plan to fragment the Arab World.

Phase two ISIL suddenly appeared to replace ALQAEDA. Both were hired for purposes. We all know, now, that ISIL is another group of terrorists used Islam to gain supporters who would be willing to go on a killing spree. They terrorised people and consequently forced them to flee leaving behind their lands and their identities.  The abandoned land is now ripe for the steal by new inhabitants.

Egypt stood strong and fought the virus called MB that had infested its society. Egyptians needed help and they found in the Gulf States. Egyptian Army and Egyptian people paid a price for their fight on terrorism. The death numbers increased every day. Churches have been destroyed. Police stationed bombed. Army checkpoints got their shares of explosions. Sinai became a war zone. The streets of Egypt suffered from crimes not heard of before. Break-ins, child stealing, stabbing innocent people randomly. But all this did not deter Egyptian from standing by their police and army. Egyptians with the help of their army began to gain control of their country. In one year, they had national projects, like building fo the Suez Canal. Investors flocked in the ancient country willing and ready to invest. Egypt regained its international presence with the help of the shrewd president Abdel Fattah El-Sissi. This was going so well for Egypt. Tourism began to flourish again. But this was not the plan for Egypt or any other Suni country. The need to set back Egypt ‘s efforts came in well orchestrated and ridiculous story of the Russian AirBus Crash being downed by a missile in the Sinai desert.

When would this vicious war on Egypt stop?